When Jack Black swings by...
It turns out Jack Black is a mad AC/DC fan, who comes in singing and dancing
From rural Pakistan, to Kuwait, to Glenroy
And now the General Manager of Western Bulldogs Community Foundation
A breast cancer survivor
Running for Hope annually

#heart your local Human

Since January 2017

Hi! My name is John Ng. Since January 2017, I have been profiling a local resident, person or business owner who lives, works or plays in Seddon, Kingsville or Yarraville.

And that’s how ‘SKY’ came about.

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Amazing Humans

  • I still feel to this day very fortunate to have figured out that this path was the right for me so young in life. It was an amazing period of growth and self-development, and I learnt a lot about myself, and what wellness was all about. See Johanna's Story

    Johanna Clark
    Johanna Clark Co-owner of Franjo’s Kitchen
  • The media only paid attention to Coode Island when the smoke from the fire drifted across the city. A full-scale enquiry was called by the government as to what had to be done. Suddenly, we went from hysterical residents to being respectable residents I was the spokesperson for the group. See Colleen's Story

    Colleen Hartland
    Colleen Hartland Former Australian politician
  • Australia has enjoyed a certain luxury for a number of decades, and expectations have not kept pace with the changes in the economy and society. People cannot expect to enjoy the positive outcomes of city living without a tradeoff. Decades ago, we had two to three generations of family all living under the same roof. Our understanding of space has changed, and we would be foolish to think that it’s always been that way, or it’s the best way. See Stewart's story

    Stewart Macleod
    Stewart Macleod Strategy Manager
  • It took me a good twelve months to recover. I had to learn how to eat again. Sam and I ate similar-sized portions, but at least I could feed myself. My stomach was completely removed, and my esophagus was joined to my small intestines. See Simone's story

    Simone Busija
    Simone Busija Board Director of No Stomach For Cancer

What is Humans of SKY About?


Community and sense of identity is key to the regions of SKY, and the feeling of inclusiveness is what is so important. People sharing their history and helping another.


From post-war migrants, to UN refugees. From the highs of a growing national business, to the depths of a cancer scare.


Gentrifying, Established. Yuppies, Retirees. Future, History.


I’ve often sat across someone at Yarraville station platform, wondering what his or her story is. Why are you here? Why are you reading that book? What got you out of bed this morning?

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